How To Clean Shin Guards?

Shin guards are a crucial piece of protective gear for athletes in contact sports such as soccer, hockey, and football. Over time, these shin guards can become dirty and smelly due to sweat, dirt, and bacteria buildup. In this blog post, we will outline the steps to clean shin guards effectively.

How To Clean Shin Guards?

Step 1: Wipe Down The Shin Guards

Before cleaning the shin guards, wipe them down with a damp cloth to remove any surface dirt and debris. This will make the cleaning process more effective and prevent the buildup of dirt and bacteria.

Step 2: Soak In Water And Vinegar Solution

Fill a sink or bucket with warm water and add a half cup of vinegar to create a cleaning solution. Place the shin guards in the solution and let them soak for 10-15 minutes. Vinegar is a natural disinfectant that helps kill bacteria and remove odors.

Step 3: Scrub With Soap And Water

After soaking the shin guards, scrub them gently with mild soap and water using a soft-bristled brush or cloth. This will help remove any remaining dirt or bacteria from the surface of the shin guards.

Step 4: Rinse And Dry

After scrubbing the shin guards, rinse them thoroughly with clean water to remove any soap residue. Then, use a clean towel to pat them dry. Avoid using a dryer or exposing the shin guards to direct sunlight, as this can damage the materials and cause them to deteriorate faster.

Step 5: Apply Deodorizing Spray

To keep your shin guards smelling fresh, you can apply a deodorizing spray or powder after cleaning and drying them. This will help absorb any remaining odors and keep the shin guards smelling clean and fresh.

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Can You Put Shin Guards In Washing Machine?

You can throw your shin guards in the washing machine, but you’ll need to do it carefully in order to avoid damage. Use the gentle cycle every time, and put them in a zipped-up pillowcase or delicates bag, so they don’t get scratched.

How Do You Get The Smell Out Of Soccer Shin Guards?

An option for getting the stink out of a pair of shin guards that will likely prolong their life is to hand wash them in warm, soapy water to remove sweat oils from the synthetic fabric and foam. Then, while wet, sprinkle the guards with baking soda, let them sit for five to ten minutes, then rinse.

How Often Should You Replace Shin Guards?

Most soccer players will typically wear shinguards for one or two years before replacing them.

Can You Wash Knee Guards In The Washing Machine?

While you don’t want your pads to get tangled up with other items, you also don’t want to wash them alone. If you do a load with only knee pads, they’re going to clang around in the washer for the entire cycle. Just toss them in the laundry bag and throw them in with a regular load of activewear.


In conclusion, cleaning shin guards is an essential part of maintaining proper hygiene and prolonging their lifespan. By wiping them down, soaking them in a vinegar solution, scrubbing with soap and water, rinsing, drying, and applying the deodorizing spray, you can keep your shin guards clean and odor-free. Regular cleaning will also help prevent the buildup of bacteria and prolong the lifespan of your protective gear.

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