How To Clean Sunbrella Fabric?

how to clean sunbrella fabric

Learn how to clean Sunbrella fabric for easy day-to-day maintenance. Sunbrella fabrics are luxuriously soft and are very easy to care for. When it comes to furnishing, Sunbrella is the ideal choice for a variety of applications both indoors and outdoors. In today’s post, I will teach you how to clean Sunbrella fabric. With regular cleaning and light maintenance, Sunbrella fabrics will look great for years to come. Here, I’ve included a few simple ways to clean your Sunbrella fabric at home. Without wasting much time, let us now check out how to clean Sunbrella fabric.

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How To Clean Sunbrella Fabric?

In this section, I will teach you how to clean Sunbrella fabric in detail. The Sunbrella fabric can bring style and performance to any environment. One of the easiest ways to clean your Sunbrella fabric is to brush off the dirt before it settles downs in the fabric.

Follow these steps to learn how to clean Sunbrella indoor upholstery fabric.

  1. Using a soft bristle brush, brush off any dirt or grime on your fabric.
  2. If there are any spills, spray a basic soapy water cleanser over the fabric.
  3. Using a sponge, rub the cleanser onto the fabric.
  4. This will bring up any dirt on the surface of the fabric.
  5. Once the dirt is removed, spray clean water over it.
  6. Rinse and air-dry the fabric completely.

Make sure you remove all of the cleaning solution or soap from the fabric. For this method, you can use mild dishwashing soap.

Now, you must be wondering how to clean Sunbrella fabric pillows. Cleaning Sunbrella fabric cushions is very easy if you use the above cleaning method. 98% of stains can be easily removed by spraying the cleaning solution of water and dish soap directly onto the stain.

  • Clean Sunbrella Fabric Indoor Cushions

However, the cleaning procedure will also be the same for how to clean Sunbrella cushions. Just make sure you use a soft bristle brush to clean the dirt and stain.

Keep on reading to know how to clean Sunbrella fabric outdoor cushions.

  • Clean Sunbrella Fabric Outdoor Cushions

Sunbrella is the most popular premium fabric used for outdoor patio furniture. Therefore, knowing how to clean Sunbrella fabric on outdoor cushions is going to be important for you! If a spill occurs, apply a mild cleaning solution of soap and dilute with water. Just make sure you rinse the cushions thoroughly with water to remove any leftover residue.

Clean Sunbrella Fabric In Washing Machine

Some Sunbrella fabric manufacturer recommends washing the removable Sunbrella fabric in a machine. You can follow these steps to learn how to clean Sunbrella fabric in the washing machine.

  1. Remove the cushion cover and put them in your washing machine.
  2. Keep your machine on a cold wash cycle.
  3. Make sure you use the usual amount of mild laundry detergent.
  4. Then, rinse the items on a delicate cycle.
  5. Finally, remove the fabric from the machine and let it air dry.

Make sure you avoid drying the fabric in the dryer as this may get the fabric too hot! You can keep on reading to learn how to clean Sunbrella fabric with mildew.

Clean Sunbrella Fabric With Bleach

Mildew is a fungus that can be found on many different surfaces mostly on outdoor furniture. Over here, I will show you how to clean Sunbrella fabric with bleach.

  1. In a large bucket, pour 1 gallon of water.
  2. Add 1 cup of bleach and ¼ cup of mild dishwashing soap in this bucket.
  3. Make sure you stir the mixture well and then transfer it into a spray bottle.
  4. Spray this mixture directly on the Sunbrella fabric.
  5. Let the fabric soak in this mixture for 15 minutes.
  6. Now, use a soft bristle brush/sponge to clean the mildew.
  7. Continue till the mildew is completely removed.
  8. Finally, spray water on the fabric to rinse away the solution and let it air dry.

Apart from mildew, other foreign substances like pollen may also grow on the fabric. You can use the same procedure when it comes to how to clean pollen off Sunbrella fabric.

Clean Sunbrella Fabric With Vinegar

Cushions can easily get stained by chocolate, marker, red wine, or other items. There is no need to wash the entire fabric you can instead spot-treat such stains. Follow these steps to learn how to spot-treat Sunbrella fabric.

  1. Wipe away the freshly spilled stain if any with a paper towel.
  2. Make a cleaning solution by mixing ¼ cup of dishwashing liquid and ½ cup of diluted vinegar.
  3. You can dilute vinegar by mixing 1 cup of white vinegar per 1 gallon of water.
  4. Now, pour this cleaning solution into a spray bottle.
  5. Spray this solution onto the stain and allow it to soak in for a couple of minutes.
  6. After a while, rinse the stain to remove the soap residue.
  7. Make sure you air dry the fabric only.

You can use the same cleaning method if you want to know how to clean Sunbrella fabric pottery barn. You can also even use soapy water to spot treat and remove stains from Sunbrella fabric. For dried blood stains, you can replace vinegar with ammonia to create a cleaning solution of dishwashing liquid-ammonia-water.

Now, you must be wondering what is the best cleaner for Sunbrella fabric. Sunbrella fabric can be cleaned and sanitized with cleaning agents like bleach and dishwashing liquid soap. These cleaners will help you clean the fabric without the fear of color loss or degradation.

Can You Use Oxiclean On Sunbrella Fabric?

Yes, you can use OxiClean on Sunbrella fabric to clean outdoor/indoor cushions. This will help you to treat any stubborn stains with ease.

Can You Dry Clean Sunbrella Fabric?

No, you should never dry-clean Sunbrella fabric to remove stains. This type of fabric air dries quickly and machine drying is not necessary.

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What Is The Best Way To Wash Sunbrella Fabric?

Machine wash in cold water on the delicate cycle with normal amounts of mild laundry detergent. For severe mold or mildew, add 1 cup of bleach. Allow fabric to air dry.

Can Sunbrella Fabric Go In The Washing Machine?

Sunbrella can go in the washing machine, too. (Just don’t dry it.) If you don’t want to mess around with a hose or bucket of soapy water, many of our outdoor cushions and pillows have zippered, removable covers that can go in your washing machine.

How Do You Get Stains Out Of Sunbrella?

Combine one fourth cup dishwashing liquid and one half cup – one cup ammonia per one gallon water. Apply cornstarch as an absorbent, remove excess with a straight edge, clean up residual with dishwashing liquid and water. Vacuum, then clean with one fourth cup dishwashing liquid per one gallon water.

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Will Bleach Ruin Sunbrella Fabric?

As a result, Sunbrella fabrics can be cleaned and sanitized with disinfectants such as bleach and other chemicals without fear of color loss or degradation.


In the above post, I’ve discussed how to clean Sunbrella upholstery fabric in detail. Soapy water can help you to remove stains of ketchup, mustard, coffee, soda, or pencil marks. First, prepare the soap water solution and soak the fabric in this for 15 minutes. You can use a bleach solution when it comes to how to clean mildew from Sunbrella fabric. While cleaning this type of fabric, try to avoid pulling, scrubbing, or tugging the fabric. Also, always choose a soft-bristled brush instead of a firm brush to clean your fabric gently. By learning how to clean Sunbrella fabric, you can extend the life of your Sunbrella fabric!